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Here you'll find the answers to most of your mod questions!

For any modders whose mod's Phy-Topia is using, please see the Credits Page

Phy-Topia reserves the right to disable or enable any mods or items in the mods as they see fit. No prior notice or reason has to be given per this right.

Mod List[edit]

Bibliocraft Wiki Page


Biomes o Plenty Wiki Page

|Biomes o Plenty|

Carpenter's Blocks Wiki Page

|Carpenters Blocks|

Harvest Festival Wiki page

|Harvest Festival|

Inventory Pets Wiki Page

|Inventory Pets|

Minecolonies Wiki Page


Minecraft Comes Alive Wiki Page

|Minecraft Comes Alive|

Natura Wiki Page


Pet Bat Wiki Page

|Pet Bat|

Pet Buddy Wiki Page

|Pet Buddy|

Phy-Topia Mod Wiki Page

|Phy-Topia Mod|

Storage Drawers Wiki Page

|Storage Drawers|

XL Food Wiki Page
|XL Food|